12 Insane Road Intersections

The runway at the Gibraltar International Airport has a road crossing it. (Source)

The monster of Los Angeles – the Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange

Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction, UK. (Source)

Parc Nus de la Trinitat, Barcelona. (Source)

The Magic Roundabout, Swindon, Wiltshire, England. (Source)

The I-17/I-10 interchange west/northwest of Downtown Phoenix, also known as “The Stack.” (Source)

Salt Lake City’s “spaghetti bowl”, I-15 and I-80. (Source)

Shanghai’s Nanpu bridge, the world’s fourth longest cable stayed bridge. (Source)

Taganskaya Square, Moscow. (Source)

The Tom Moreland Interchange, at the intersection of Interstate 85 and Interstate 285, Atlanta, Georgia. (Source)

S32 Expressway at N-S Elevated Road, Shanghai. (Source)

An Airbus A380 crossing the Autobahn at Leipzig airport in Germany. (Source)